About CMO Genie:

CMO Genie is a group exclusively for leading Chief Marketing Officers/Chief Growth Officers and Category Heads for a group of products with the primary purpose of helping to solve real life problems being faced by them. This is encouraged by seeking opinions and sharing views with fellow members on the platform, as also bringing together brilliant minds to collectively resolve a challenge which provides quicker and more effective solutions.

This is a by-invitation only, closed group of erudite folks from the marketing space who come with years of experience and have achieved great feats in their career. CMO Genie is one among other functional forums such as CFO (Finance), CHRO (Human Resources) and CSCO (Supply Chain), under the overall initiative of CXO Genie.

CMO Genie platform helps to build an ecosystem which serves the purpose of micro learning, especially in a dynamic and fast changing world with new and interesting challenges influencing the future of Marketing. With seasoned stalwarts from varied industries being part of the forum, ideas are bound to

We have found that nature of queries range from : requests for sharing contacts of experts, seeking advice on business aspects, to asking for recommendations of consultants, open positions to be filled, referring candidates CVs etc.

Business aspects may include ideas around tapping into social networks to make them more effective, generating traffic and leads, creativity in content to drive this, ROI enhancing techniques, leveraging Analytics for Consumer Insighting or simply snippets of information critical to quick decision making. Lastly, the forum seeks to provide a platform for networking with fellow group members, and thereby provide an opportunity to form lasting friendships.

Being a professional platform, we don’t encourage sharing forwards, jokes, images, wishes for special occasions, or political opinions. In addition, no commercial solicitation is allowed. Members are however encouraged to share their personal achievements. and aspects directly linked to building knowledge in the area of Marketing.

In exceptional circumstances wherein a member is in need of any urgent & critical help to resolve a personal issue they just need to post a request on the Forum and the entire might of CXO Genie comes together to help. Through Covid and as well as otherwise we have witnessed several examples of this. We
request you to read about this in our newsletters or in the testimonials section of www.cxogenie.in.

How is CMO Genie different from any other marketing forums, online or offline?

▪ By invitation only, and limited to very accomplished professionals.
▪ Real time solutions available.
▪ Professionally curated by a Forum Anchor and support team.
▪ Use of technology to help find talent, roles and networking opportunities.
▪ High quality discussions that are free from spam, forwards, and advertisements.
▪ Part of an overall CXO Genie umbrella, with over 1000+ corporates already benefitting from the

How can I contribute to this initiative for the Marketing community?

Membership to the forum is byinvitation only and as a valued CMO Genie member we request your participation in helping to keep the platform energized and contemporary. “There are a host of areas wherein your contribution and experience as a seasoned professional will help make a difference. We will ask you to choose from a bouquet of such areas, for example spending an hour or two every month to handhold a Startup; volunteering to host a panel discussion on a subject of common interest to the members; or helping the community to grow together etc.”

What is CMO Genie’s stand on Data privacy?

CMO Genie does not share your contact details with any third party. However, please be informed that by opting to be a part of CMO Genie, you are consenting to share your contact details with fellow members of the forum, that you have subscribed to.
As a responsible member, it is advised that one does not misuse availability of such information and should refrain from passing on contact details to outsiders, without the consent of the fellow member.

How does one become the member of the group?

As mentioned, the Forum is a closed group and is strictly by invitation and on a referral basis only. The referral has to be by the existing member who is personally known to the new member. The intention is to have like-minded people on the group, who are willing to either benefit from the group and/or contribute to it.

The decision of providing membership to the group rests solely with the CXO Genie group administration on the recommendation of an existing member and the Forum Anchor. The CMO Genie Forum Anchor is Sangeeta Talwar, whose contact details are mentioned at the end of this note. The process is as follows: An existing member invites a new member and shares their details with the Forum Anchor. The latter would On-Board the new member, after the due vetting process and advise Group administration accordingly.

What is the qualification criteria for me to be eligible to be a member of the forum?

As long as you have held the role of a CMO (i.e. a head of marketing or as head of a major category of brands within a company) in any tenure of your professional journey, you are eligible to be a member. The role is not restricted to the type of company or industry. It can be a listed company or a private limited company or a startup.

As a CMO Genie even if you move to another organization, change your role or are on a sabbatical, this Forum will continue your membership so that you always feel connected to this community. We will continue to encourage your participation in our events as well as the Forum.

How do I refer members to the forum?

In case, you would like to introduce a friend/ ex-colleague/ peer/ family, who fits the criteria, please send a mail/ message on WhatsApp to your Forum Anchor to Sangeeta Talwar or Mitali Thakur, (Mobile +919289150073). Please include Name, Designation, Company, City of residence and Mobile number of your
reference. We will then help onboard the person, giving them details of the group and features etc.

I know a great candidate looking for a suitable role, how do I refer him/her to the forum? Also, where do I refer to list of available candidates when I have a vacancy at my organization.

You may inform the group on the CMO Genie platform about the availability of the candidate with a detailed CV. You can also reach out to Mitali (mitali.thakur@cmogenie.in), who will assist you in posting
the CV on appropriate forums.

I have an open position to be filled, how do I post the job on the forum?

You may inform the group on the CMO Genie platform of the requirement.You can also reach out to Mitali (mitali.thakur@cmogenie.in), who will assist you appropriately.

How does the point system work?

All queries need you to offer points for it to be answered. As you are new to the platform, you have no points to begin with. You earn points when you respond to someone’s query and give up points when you post your query. All points work on a zero-sum basis. People posting queries or asking for vendor details, allot points, basis urgency and importance. The points are distributed, among those who respond, in multiple of 5’s while the admin, gets 10 points for every query solved for managing the group
operations. The points are deducted from the person, who puts up the query, there by totaling to zero for each query and related responses. Minimum points per query is 40 points. The Admin, takes care of the point system, which is published at the end of every quarter.

For e.g: If a member asks for a consultant reference, who provides services in tax registration in various states. 40 pts are deducted from the member asking the query, 10 pts are added to Admin’s kitty, remaining 30 pts are distributed in multiples of 5, amongst members who respond. For more complex queries the pts are higher.

However, for posting openings of Senior positions with CTC >60 L, 50 points each are awarded to the referring member, which is deducted from the admins kitty.

What is the process around for Senior Marketing Head or Directors or VP roles?

If you come across a role via a consultant or third party and wish to share it with the forum, the referring member is expected to provide the consultant’s contact details (Name, Email and phone number) to the Group Admin. You can reach out at mitali.thakur@cmogenie.in / +91 9289150073

On the other hand, the member seeking the role gets details from Admin and can call the relevant consultant by referring the name of the member who provided the contact details.

When and where does the group meet?

We organize annual meetings, once annually in each of the three regions, to enable a face-to-face interaction with members along with families. These meetings are held in Bengaluru (For South), Gurgaon (for North) and Mumbai (for West). There is no restriction on the number of events you wish to attend.

How does one pay by points for the group’s networking events?

Annual events are on cost sharing basis for members and their spouses. The total cost is split equally among members. At the time of the event, you may use the points that you have accumulated to pay for the same. Each point is worth INR 10/-. Other modes of payment are by NEFT, Cheque, Cash, Paytm etc.

Can I promote my firm and its services on the platform?

We do not encourage using the CMO Genie forum for marketing or commercial purposes, unless any member query is specifically related to services provided by your Company. In any case, if you do wish to advertise (only for the company you work for), then you may share the details with the Forum Anchor, who will exercise their discretion on whether this can be shared on the group or not. The decision of the Forum Anchor will be final.

Can we solicit company information from members, for survey or another other such initiatives?

Members enjoy the freedom to initiate & drive discussions. However, we strongly recommend, not to seek confidential company information or share such information on the forum. CMO Genie members/ admin do not take the onus of maintaining non-disclosure of the same.

I hope the FAQs have served to answer your queries in good measure as also to motivate you to join and contribute your valueable time, energy & knowledge to this platform.

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